To Connect Every American Automotive Shopper To A Local Vehicle Dealer from Each Brand that will assure customers of A Positive Ownership Experience, Their Commitment To Community Involvement, and Participation In The Disability Driving Process.

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My name is Josh Ingalls, and I founded Control The Road after helping a friend with a disability to purchase an SUV.  We started with a Niche Mission, to ensure all dealerships are able to truly meet the needs of drivers who use adaptive mobility equipment, but created a solution for everyone, a network of automotive businesses who care about your experience and their reputation.   Take advantage of our Control The Road Automotive Mobility Hub. to locate auto dealers excited about creating a positive car, truck, SUV and van buying environment for ALL AMERICANS.
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Control the Road provides tools for DRIVERS to have a better shopping, buying and owning experience, and for AUTO DEALERS to create a better vehicle purchase and service experience.  Its that simple.

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 < A Commitment to providing A Truly Positive Ownership Experience

< The Best Customer Review Scores for their Brand and Market

< Community Involvement and Support

< Social Media Presence and Website Transparency

< Excited to participate in the adaptive process: understanding etiquette, rebates, licensing, arrangements, etc

Strengthen the community and increase mobility access! Try these dealerships for your automotive needs and share the experience if they meet expectations.

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