Our goal is to bring together everyone involved in the car buying experience - Driving Rehabilitation Instructors (O/T, CDRS, DRS), advocacy groups and organizations, drivers,  automotive manufacturers, auto dealers and QAP Installers - to create an unstoppable force that together can change the future of car buying.

We strive to create a future of  #BuyingMadeEqual for all American drivers, and we'd be honored to have you along for the ride.

We believe that 100% of Americans should have access to an auto dealer that can meet ALL of their needs, and we're not giving up until we make that happen!

Will YOU help us get there?

About Us

CTR exists to create a better car buying experience for American drivers who have a disability. For DRIVER's, we developed the industry’s first one-stop resource for all automotive mobility questions, The Control The Road Automotive Mobility Hub which includes a listing of certified, engaged, local auto dealers, plus resources about auto mfr rebate programs and financing options, QAP installer information, state-specific licensing info,  and innovative CTR driving guides, and vehicle purchase assistance services. CTR partners with and educates AUTO DEALERSHIPS who promote social consciousness are active members of their communities, and support drivers with disabilities by creating a custom dealership experience with a personalized purchase process, clear and thorough needs assessment, familiarity with auto mfr rebates and effective communication with equipment installers.
Individuals With Access to Qualified Auto Dealers
Certified and CTR Listed Dealerships
States With Certified Dealers
Drivers, Installers, Instructors In the CTR Network
Control the Road provides educational services for both DEALERS and DRIVERS to create a better vehicle purchase and ownership experience for drivers with a disability, their family, friends and support network.
Dealer Certification Program
Control the Road Certification Program certifies and endorses dealerships who are committed to providing an exceptional experience for their customers with ambulatory disabilities.
Driver Experience Program
Control the Road provides resources and guidance for drivers with a physical disability to purchase the vehicle of their choice at a local CTR Certified dealership in their area.

What's Happening at CTR

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There are many ways for you to join our movement.

1. Do you know a good, customer experience focused auto dealer in your area?  Recommend them to us for training and partnership.  Visit the certified dealer listing in Control the Road's Marketplace Directory 2. Are you the owner or manager of a great dealership and want to become a trusted and respected disability resource in your community? 3. Let's get Social! Connect with us on social media and share your story.
Target: Automotive Dealers In Our Program
Target: Drivers in Our Community
Target: Adaptive Mobility Partners

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