Concierge Purchase Service

What To Expect With The Concierge Purchase Service

Use the online Concierge Purchase preference form anytime on your schedule, in less than 10 minutes. Information sent to CTR for review and dealer identification process.   
Once the appropriate dealership has been identified, the details of the purchase will be finalized:

  • Correct vehicle, model and options secured
  • Vehicle sales price estimated
  • Installation process mapped out and initial consultation scheduled (if possible)
  • Finance terms and products estimated
  • Trade in vehicle appraisal estimated (if applicable)
  • Adaptive equipment needed
  • Appointment date, time, place scheduled
  • Contact person (s) listed, manager, general manager, General sale manager, and sales associate, front desk/greeter
  • CTR on call personnel information provided for assistance during dealership visit

What Makes A Dealership CTR Certified? 

  • Dealer Staff Has Knowledge About Adaptive Customer Handling
  • They Understand Rebates, Financing, Vehicle Needs, Installation Arrangements And Most Of The Process Faced By An Adaptive Driver
  • These Businesses Are Engaged And Excited About Connecting With Customers Through Their Websites, Social Media Accounts And At The Dealership
  • Control The Road Monitors Their Performance In Every Aspect Of Website Transparency, Community Involvement, And Staff Certification Levels

Great for the person who is ready to purchase and wants a positive purchase experience. Simple, Straightforward and Meant for everyone.

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