My story involves using hand controls but really its about how I had an older sedan for a long time and thought about getting a new car many times. Unfortunately, each time I thought about a new car, I would reach out to a local dealer, explain that I needed hand controls, and quickly realize they would not be very helpful. Which reminded me the process was going to be difficult. This ultimately led me to keep the car and equipment I was comfortable with, for over 12 years.

Finally, my 2002 needed to be replaced. I did my research on the models, packages, colors, features, and everything I wanted to compare between. There are many dealers in my city and I contacted several of them. They had the models I was interested in and easily explained the features and differences. However, they did not understand installing new equipment or if I could lease the SUV with the hand controls. They did not even mention that the brand offered a mobility rebate towards the cost of the installation. This frustration had ended my hunt in the past but I no longer wanted a car older than my 6 grade students.

We have several hand control installers very close to our local auto mile and they were willing to help with all the details once I bought a vehicle. All I really wanted was a dealership that understood how to coordinate with them and get everything done at the same time. This did not feel like too much to ask.

This is when I spoke to Josh to see if he could help. After explaining the situation (a couple times) to him, he understood and got to work. Nothing happened immediately and he came to realize there was a bigger problem but it was solvable. I did get a new SUV after many months. He keeps telling me this is how Control The Road was born?

My next purchase will only be with a dealership that has taken the time to learn about adaptive mobility equipment, the rebates, financing and installation. Its not that
complicated and I plan to lease many more cars in my life. My only request is that Josh arrange for everything to be done and have the new car delivered to my house each
time. Just kidding…

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